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103 Year Old Japanese Doctor Reveals The Secret To Long And Healthy Life

Shigeaki Hinohara is the oldest Japanese doctor and he believes that his lifestyles rules are the reason for his longevity.

Even though the doctor is 103 years of age, he looks a lot younger, and he has not changed his body weight (60 kilos) for many years. According to him, the key for healthier and long life, above all, is food.

His principles are:

Food is the most important

The 103-year doctor’s breakfast has consisted of fruit juice in combination with a tablespoon of olive oil or a glass of milk with powdered lentil and a banana. Olive oil is good for the arteries and skin. For lunch the doctor consumes a bit of little milk in combination with 2-3 biscuits. However, if he is too busy he does not consume anything. Dinner has consisted of fruit, little fish with rice and 90 grams of fat meat twice a week.


Japanese doctor claims that energy comes to humans when they feel good, not when they eat or sleep too much. It explains this through the example when small children are quite excited they are forgetting all about sleep and food. The doctor believes that if adults are dedicated to their job and work with love, and that makes them happy, they will not have the need of having strict dieting rules and sleeping hours.

Live fast and have positive thoughts about the future

He believes that fast lifestyle, with many responsibilities, keeps you active in life. He also says you should not retire early, especially before 65 years of age.


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