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12 Signs That You Are Dealing With An Evil Person

We all like to believe that there’s something good in everyone around us. Unfortunately, bad apples exist. Not just bad, but a particular type of evil. These evil individuals showcase a mix of characteristics who aim to destroy and have power over others. What’s interesting is that these people actually come off as nice, and sometimes it takes a long time to detect their sinister nature. These people should be viewed as nothing more than a threat.

Here are the major 12 signs to help you find out if you’re dealing with someone evil in your life, so you can eliminate their toxic and sinister energy.

1.Denying reality

They always have their own story or truth, that you can’t agree on the same thing. Their twisted perceptions make them see another reality, which is a hidden sign about their intentions.

2.Twisting the facts

Another strong trait evil people possess is the ability to twist any fact. They try to alter any fact that doesn’t correspond with “their reality.” They tend to take things out of context and twist them up to other statements, offering “alternative facts” instead of the real truth.

3.Withholding information

Evil people do anything to withhold information if it can tarnish their identity. For example they can say something like, “I didn’t do that! Not saying anything about it isn’t lying!” Lying or not, keeping information on purpose from people is something that they do very often.

What’s even more awful is that after they serve you with lies, they make you feel guilty about not believing them.

4.Misleading people

Whenever it is in their interest, they will use every chance to twist the truth so much to the point it leaves you feeling terrified, attacked and vulnerable. They have mastered the way they pick words to trigger any of your emotions.

They are so good at this that at the end of the day you start believing whatever they serve to you. With just a few simple words, they can create enemies in your head. They use their words as weapons and are very skilled at using them to mislead people.

5.Lying all the time

They lie so much, that it becomes a way they express themselves. They can’t create a thought in their mind without adding a spice of evil in it. They mostly lie in order to gain something or just to fool around with people around them.

And when you catch them telling a lie, they will tell you a hundred more to change your mind. They will “sincerely” let you know why they lied and they’ll even make you feel bad for them.

6.No remorse

These people have no feeling of remorse for anyone’s life that they’ve ruined or plan to ruin. They see people as pawns that they play with. If they see a spark of good in you, they’ll use that to work for them and will ruin your life in the process.

They see an opportunity in every persons weakness. Why? Because they enjoy seeing other people in pain and don’t see any reason why they shouldn’t experience it.

7.Avoiding responsibility

They don’t have a moral compass. They continue doing what satisfies them and never feel any guilt for any pain they have caused. Once they sense that blame is going to hit them, they immediately re-direct it to other people.

They always shift the blame on others and don’t know what an apology is. They see giving an apology as a trait of a weak person. In the end, you end up apologizing for their mistakes. How fun, huh?


If there’s something that they have mostly mastered, that’s manipulation. They plan in advance so you can’t catch up with their games. At their will, they’ll make you feel dumb, humiliated and other things you shouldn’t feel.

They always take credit for all your success, leaving you feeling incompetent of something that you did (no matter how well you did it.)

9.Fair-weather friends

Whenever an evil person comes to your aid, always know they have a calculated reason why. They’ll be in your life when things are good, but sprint away when things get sour.

Don’t expect any type of support from these people, because they will just end up playing you like a pawn in their sick game. They simply don’t see a reason they should support you if they can’t gain anything in return.

10.Stealing your time

If they know that you have an important deadline or event, they’ll do anything to distract you and waste your precious time. They do this because they don’t want you to be better than them in any way possible.

They know the perfect moment to show up and mess up all your plans. They’re so fake that they even put on a worried face while you’re life goes spiraling down.

11.Living double lives

Because they cover up everything they say and do with lies, they never reveal their real life to you. With their lies, they lead not two, but hundreds of lives. They represent themselves differently in front of various people and work well on the image they are trying to portray. Nobody really knows their true essence or past life history.

12.Control freaks

In order for everything to go as planned, evil people like to control the situation. They get possessive and controlling with people that trust them. They feed off of people this way, which in return gives them the feeling of power. Once they lose control, it becomes more than evident.

Anyone can possess a few or even all of the traits above. It’s your job to put the pieces together and better distinguish evil people from your life. And don’t expect them to change for you, they have no feelings nor desire.

If you love yourself, you should break free from the shackles of genuinely evil people. No one is perfect, but if someone appears to be, know that they are hiding something deep inside.

Be more aware of who you surround yourself with and never forget to love yourself!

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