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12 Things All Empaths Feel Like They Have to Hide From You

Sure, empaths, in general, are usually wonderful people. They are often extremely nice and very thoughtful, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have secrets.

We all have secrets, however, not all secrets are bad. The things listed below are things that the empath hides from those who they truly care for. They do not wish to put any of their burden on their loved ones and because of that they often suffer alone. If you are an empath and you hide any of the following things I urge you to stop hiding them. Your loved ones can handle it. There is nothing wrong with you, and you do not have to face your troubles on your own. Your support system is there for a reason. Don’t make those who care about you worry just open up as best you can.

12 Things All Empaths Feel Like They Have to Hide From Their Loved Ones:

1. Their hatred for being used.

While the empath gets used a lot he or she is not a fan of it. Empaths are usually seen as doormats and people continue to walk all over them. Sadly this can take a huge toll on the empath’s well-being in general.

2. They stress all the time.

Sometimes the world is just too much to deal with. Empaths are not immune to stress. They get overwhelmed just like everyone else.

3. They give too much.

Empaths often give to the point where they have nothing left. The empath will become exhausted and have no energy, but they will still try and give. You have to be able to tell when they are at their limit.

4. They suck with emotions.

While they are able to feel the emotions of others on a much deeper scale than normal people they don’t know what to do with them. Most empaths fall into a negative cycle of absorbing and crashing. Don’t let that be you.

5. They like their alone time.

The empath needs time to recharge and let go of negative energy. While you think the empath loves being around people, the truth is he or she is not that fond of it. Empaths are often very shy on the inside.

6. They can tell when you are lying.

Empaths have seen just about everything, they know when you are lying. Don’t try to lie to them or around them, you will get called out. You can’t please everyone.

7. Their intuition is a very big part of their life.

The empath uses intuition in even the oddest situations. The empath knows that they can see things and feel things other people cannot. For some reason, they are just naturally extremely intuitive.

8. They have a deep need to fix people.

Empaths feel like their sole purpose in life is to fix others. Because of this they often allow themselves to fall between the cracks. You must remember self-care is important.

9. They are often targeted by vampires.

Energy vampires love empaths, and this is because they want to feed off the empaths energy. They want to feed off of the strongest ones, and they will stop at nothing to get it. Empaths have to be guarded properly against things like this.

10. They attract the wrong kind of people.

The empath will mostly attract the kinds of people who want to be saved, not the ones who want to be loved. This leads to a lot of heartbreaks and sadness. While you might not see it, breakups affect empaths deeply.

11. They love deeply.

Empaths love with all that they have. When they are with someone they are with them for life. You cannot shake an empath.

12. Negative images affect them more.

The empath will not let on, but this one is also very true. When they are going to look at something gruesome they often take time to prepare. These images bother them on a whole new level.

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