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20 of The Most Powerful Secrets to Meaningful Relationships

Vernon Howard’s The Mystic Path to Cosmic Power presents what seems to us the out of the world spiritual and philosophical truths in a simpler way. It’s a book containing several stories from history where people put everything at stake for the sake of truth and eventually found peace and wisdom. Howard, in his book, also provides the truth about relationships and how you can have a meaningful one.

20 of The Most Powerful Secrets to Meaningful Relationships


In a relationship, the person having the deeper self-insight is the gifted one. She will be grounded, calmer and more confident.


Never let the other person manipulate you. Nobody should dictate how you feel and act.

3.Intentions over actions

We usually make the mistake of judging people by their actions and often ignore their real intention. Stop trusting people at their face value. Observe them with other people and you will know their real side.


Never lose the real you. A relationship should not require you to give up your individuality. If there is any change that a relationship is allowed to bring about in you, it is to inspire you to become a better person.

5.Love thyself first

Loving yourself is the first step to a fulfilling relationship. You cannot make the other person feel happy when you yourself are not feeling so. According to Howard, mystically all of us are similar in nature. Therefore, if you hurt yourself then automatically you are hurting others and vice versa.


Temptation has been labelled as our spiritual enemy since ages. When you keep distance from unnecessary desires, it becomes difficult for you to be deceived.


Howard says that it is psychologically mature when you cease defending yourself angrily towards unjust allegations. He thinks that resistance disturbs your own peace of mind.


Having a clear perception of your own self — strengths, weaknesses, beliefs, and motivations — is important not just for your own sake but is also crucial in understanding others. The more self-aware you are, the more correctly you will be able to perceive the attitudes and responses of the other person.

9.A wholesome experience

Let yourself experience, completely, all the happiness and disappointments in your relationships. When you have experienced everything, you tend to see things more clearly in future.

10.Know what is love

Try understanding the real meaning of love. Love does not mean that the other person will be at your beck and call. It doesn’t mean that the one you love will (by rule) love you back and with the same intensity. If you know the real meaning of love, then you will not be anxious or insecure.

11.Learn to deal with heart breaks

Dealing with a heart break or moving on doesn’t mean that you rush out to find a replacement. Doing this never lets you to examine your heartache and the emotions keep bottling up inside you.

12.Social validation

Do not go out there in the world (real or virtual) seeking social validation. At times, being a ‘nobody’ is better than being on a false cloud nine. Be true to yourself.

13.Learn from experiences

Every single moment you spend with your significant other cannot be pleasant. There will be moments of unpleasantness. The combination of both will help you know the other person as they really are.

14.Know what harms you

Don’t be blind to the harmful part of your relationship. Sometimes we become so ignorant of the injuries that when a third person points them out, we feel surprised and are taken aback.

15.Recognise the virtue in others

You tend to overlook the qualities of the other person when you yourself don’t possess them. Move away from such a habit and be aware of the virtues of other people.

16.Lust vs love

Never mistake your desire for someone as your love. Desire makes you insecure and you are always seeking endless gratification. Instead, love is at peace with itself. It never seeks validation from outside.Positivity


We all have a positive and a negative side. But you should never let the latter take the charge. Try looking for the positive side of every situation. Negativity wires your brain for complaining.

18.Self esteem

Stop thinking about what others will think and rather concentrate on what you think about yourself. Believe in yourself and don’t live in a fear of other people’s judgment.

19.Be genuine

You will never fit into other people’s expectations however much you try. Therefore, strive to be a genuine person and not a pleaser.

20.Transform yourself for the better

In any kind of relationship, the best gift you can give to the other person is your attempt to reform yourself for the better. Make yourself worthy of the love of your partner.

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