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7 Female Behaviors That Men Just Love

Men often claim that women are impossible to understand. On the other hand, women do certain things in a relationship that their boyfriends absolutely love. These are the types of female behaviors that men clearly understand and thoroughly enjoy.

It is certainly a fact that some female behaviors tend to be exaggerated. For example, when men describe them as extremely possessive, as constantly taking selfies, and addicted to shopping.

But, putting all those myths aside, let’s discuss the types of female behaviors that men of all ages simply love. Guys whose girlfriends tend to do these things when they’re together can certainly attest to their intoxicating effect. So, let’s check out the female behaviors that men can’t help but be enchanted by:

1. Twirling His Hair

Guys simply love this display of affection. Women show their love by playing with his hair and men love this. Men especially love it when they’re having an intimate conversation and then she reaches up and caresses or twirls his hair. It’s such a sweet loving gesture and just reinforces their comfort level and intimacy.

2. Resting Her Head Gently on His Chest

Men love being hugged and caressed by the women they love and when she rests her head gently on his chest, he’s in heaven. This level of affection elicits a loving response by arousing his protective instincts, a desire to keep her safe that solidifies his bond with her.

3. Making Him Feel Great In Public

No one likes feeling insecure, especially in public. When a woman compliments the man she loves and reinforces this by giving him her full attention in public, this gives him the confidence he needs to take on the world. He feels important, especially to her. Combine this with a little PDA and he’ll be over the moon!

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