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7 Female Behaviors That Men Just Love

4. Texting Him In The Middle of Her Workday

When she sends sweet loving text messages during her busy workday, it means she’s thinking of him and wants him thinking sweet thoughts of her too, and he will!

5. A Little Craziness At Times

Men love it when women are a little unpredictable, when she gets emotional and a little crazy at times, as long as it’s playful. He loves it when she suggests unconventional places to go and things to do. This is what keeps their relationship exciting!

6. Giving Him Her Undivided Attention

Men just love it when their girlfriends give them their full undivided attention, whether he’s talking about work or his golf game. It makes him feel important; like she values everything he says and thinks. And in turn, he loves her all the more.

7. Lovingly Gazing At Him

When a woman lovingly gazes up at the man in her life and he catches her doing this, he can’t help but respond with a loving caress of his own. This is how women silently express their love and adoration. Men love getting these loving gazes.

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