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The Dating Scene – How to Avoid Toxic Men& Get Into Loving Yourself

The Dating Scene – How to Avoid Toxic Men& Get Into Loving Yourself


The Dating Scene – How to Avoid Toxic Men& Get Into Loving Yourself

Strong women are some of the most emotionally stable creatures on this planet, and able to handle negativity and unfavourable men better than most other women, and even men. But that doesn’t mean they should be forced to take the nonsense from them.

Dating is a two-sided coin; it can be enjoyable, fun and warm. Or it can be frustrating, infuriating and cold. As it is said, no two relationships are alike, and neither are any of them perfect. But if the discord and imperfections cross a limit, there’s no excuse for not ending it.

The fact that the partner may be an emotionally, financially or physically dependent person, depending solely on you, should not keep you from letting your own life get ruined by being there for them. You are not responsible for their well-being.

Men on the dating scene usually have several redeemable qualities – good looks, physique, a good sense of humour, intelligence… But just because they have any one of these qualities does not make up for the many unlikeable ones that might put you off.

Perhaps that is because of the negative qualities in such unfavourable men, such as cheating, lying or being violent, are not characteristics, but choices made by the man. These are behaviours, or habits, which need to be changed, and can be corrected if desired to do so.

The basic step to avoid toxic relationships, either by being forced into one or by getting caught in it unawares, in by being happy with yourself. With your own company, even when you are single.

The happiness of having a partner is an added joy, not a necessity. If loneliness in being single is difficult, being lonely in a toxic relationship is even more so.

Listen to what the man does, not what he says, for actions speak louder than words. Does he shout at you? Demean you around others? If you feel that you are not treated as you should, then you would be doing the both of you a favour by leaving the relationship.

Such a toxic relationship wouldn’t have a happy ending, and should not be dragged on, keeping you away from real joy and togetherness.

As Buddha Himself has said, you as a person are worthy, and deserving of love and affection, as much as anyone else in this whole world.

There is not endless energy and life in us, so why should we not spend the time we do have on ourselves, on loving ourselves and learning to be those who would truly love us?


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