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How The Different Signs of The Zodiac Express Their Anger

How The Different Signs of The Zodiac Express Their Anger


How The Different Signs of The Zodiac Express Their Anger


Aries is a fire sign and people who belong to it are very passionate about everything. They can be extremely short tempered and don’t like it at all when things don’t go the way that they want. Anger, definitely brings out their dark side.


They like to maintain their tough persona and are not expressive of their anger. However they do get hurt and try to hide it under a layer of nonchalance. But at such times they tend to shut others off or become really passive aggressive. They are also known to hold grudges.


The twins are usually very indecisive and are definitely one of the most talkative sign. If you have somehow managed to piss them off, you will get to hear about it a lot, and often. But they do move on comparatively quickly and do not hold anything against anyone for long.


Cancers can be a bit sensitive and reclusive. If things hurt them, they tend to keep it buried deep within instead of talking about it. They can get passive aggressive when they are hurt. But worst of all, all that pent-up hurt can sometimes blow up triggered by the most trivial offences.


Another of the fire signs, they are famous for their short temper. And they don’t mince words when they are angry. The good thing is that they don’t try to hide it so you always know what is up. Also, they tend to get it out of their system soon.


It is not exactly easy to anger a Virgo and if you have somehow managed to achieve that, you will be on their bad side, forever. Though they don’t throw tantrums and can forgive, they never forget.


Libras really want to avoid confrontations therefore they never express if anything has hurt them. But they do keep it alive in their memory and can bring it up even months later when they see an opening for it.


Scorpio should not be angered. Because not only do they hold a grudge, they are not happy until they have had their revenge. Read their body language to know if you have angered them, and if you have to stay clear of them.


And the no. 3 fire sign is really expressive of their anger. And they are chronic overthinkers so it doesn’t even take that much to light their fuse. And once angry, their weapon of choice is sarcasm.


As an Earth sign, they rarely get angry. But it is precisely this which makes their anger even more dangerous. They are usually very good at hiding hurt and disappointment but when they do blow off this load, it is like a bomb going off.


When angered, an Aquarius would prefer to walk off the anger rather than confronting the other party. And even if they do the latter, they do it without losing their composure.


Instead of talking it out, Pisces prefer to vent their anger in private. Be it shouting, breaking things or just a lot of loud music.

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